Monday, February 8, 2010

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Articles I've Written at Experts-Exchange

Windows Programming

Binary Bit Flags: Tutorial and Usage Tips

How to provide a CALLBACK function into a C++ class object
Create a Standard DLL with VC++
Execute a Program with C++
Convert String to int / Convert int to String in C++

Browse for Folder -- Advanced Options
Browse for Folder -- Advanced Options PART TWO

Multithreading -- Why and When
Simple Multithreading in Visual C++
Create a Dialog in its Own Thread

Browser Bot -- Automate Browsing Sequences With C++ (PART ONE)
Browser Bot -- Automate Browsing Sequences With C++ (PART TWO)
Browser Bot -- Automate Browsing Sequences With C++ (PART THREE)

Easy String Encryption Using CryptoAPI in C++
Fast Hexadecimal Encode and Decode

ADO Database Access with C++
Create a Thumbnail Image of a Web Page
Setting View and Sort in a File Open Dialog

List Control: Header Drag, Column Resize, and Remember User Settings
List Control: Sorting Columns on a Header Click

Use CHtmlEditCtrl to Create a Simple HTML Editor
Add a Source Text Editor to Your HTML Editor
More HTML Editor Options

How to Accept Drag-and-Drop Files from Windows Explorer
How to Accept Drag-and-Drop URLs From a Web Browser

Roll Yer Own XML Output in C++
Working with Variable Argument Lists in C/C++

How to set "Pages Per Sheet" Programmatically for "N-Up" Printing

Win7 Gadgets

Create a Win7 Gadget
Create a Win7 Maze Gadget
Create a Win7 Drop Target Panel
Create a Win7 Gadget with a Flyout Panel

Windows Programming / MFC

Radio Buttons in MFC Dialogs
Using a Property Sheet as your Main Window
A Quick and Simple Way to Display a Bitmap in C++
MFC Feature Pack for VS 2008 and 2010

JavaScript / HTA
Debugging JScript Programs with Visual Studio 2008
Convert string to number / Convert number to string in JavaScript
Drag and Drop to Move and Rename and Add Current Date to Filename
HTA - Hypertext Application tutorial

Add a Custom Command to the IE Context Menu
Windows User
Add a Delete Button to the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar
Add a Custom Command Button to the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar

QuickLaunch Toolbar for Windows 7

Keyboard Remapping: CAPSLOCK to Ctrl and Beyond

Win7 after XP -- First Impressions

Creating and Using a QuickLaunch Sidebar
Drag And Drop Web Browsing

Encrypt your Thumb Drive at Work and Use it at Home -- PART ONE
Encrypt your Thumb Drive at Work and Use it at Home -- PART TWO

'Command Prompt Here' on Explorer Context Menu
Command Line Tips: Show Explorer Here, Execute a Document, Control System Services

Add Command Verbs to the Win7 Explorer Context Menu

Open an Explorer in Two-Pane Tree Mode

Allowing Access to the Windows Clipboard
Mouse Wheel Programming in JavaScript
Miscellaneous and EE-Specific

Bikram Yoga SLO -- Stress Relief for Code Monkeys

How to Write a Limerick

How to quote from previous posts at EE
More Tips and Tricks for Posting Screen Grabs on EE

Use a Laptop PC as a Video Server for Your Home Entertainment System

Some EE-useful JavaScripts for the IE Context Menu

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  1. I found your article about adding a delete button to be darn near what I was looking for. I'm looking to add a Properties button. Will the same principle apply?